Bracegirdles Fine Chocolate

At Bracegirdle’s House of Fine Chocolate you have arrived in Chocolate Heaven!

Our selection of handmade Chocolates is sure to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur, whether your taste is for milk, dark or white chocolate. Created using only the finest Belgian Chocolate by award winning Chocolatiers, our selection must be seen and tasted to be believed. All your traditional favourites are here and all are exclusive to Bracegirdle’s.

Bracegirdle’s Fine Chocolates have been enjoyed by corporate guests at elegant functions trackside during Clipsal 500

Santos chose our chocolates to be used as gifts for visiting overseas guests during the Tour Downunder.

This year our chocolatiers won 15 gold and 16 silver medals resulting in Bracegirdles being awarded SA Best Product from an Emerging Chocolate Manufacturer and Most Successful Exhibitor Champion Chocolate.


Bracegirdle's Recipe

Quick Strawberry Chocolate Trifle

This is for a special quick treat. First you need to run around to collect the ingredients. (this allows you to have two servings!)

4 Chocolate Chip muffins or Brownies
Strawberry Jam
1 Punnet fresh cut strawberries
400g (14oz) ready made custard
200gms Bracegirdles dark chocolate
275ml (10oz) whipped cream
100ml port for soaking muffins
1 large glass bowl or 6 glass dishes

Method: Cut the muffins into small pieces and spread with jam. Place a layer of cut strawberries on the bottom and then add a layer of the cut muffins and sprinkle with port. Add another layer of cut strawberries. Melt the Bracegirdles chocolate slowly in the microwave and stir into the custard and whisk lightly. Pour the chocolatey custard over the strawberries and spread evenly. Beat the cream until thick and spoon over the top of the custard. Decorate with strawberries.